The Jubilee Medallion

 “And you shall sanctify the fiftieth year –

It shall be for you a Jubilee”

 With the advent of the Fiftieth Year – the Jubilee of the Liberation of Jerusalem and of the Temple Mount – a unique medallion was produced to mark this momentous event. The specially minted coin serves as a commemoration and symbolizes the thanks due to the Almighty for the beneficence bestowed upon the Jewish people – and, indeed, the whole of mankind.

The unique coin, which will find its way into homes and institutions the world over, is a portent that the upcoming Jubilee will, God willing, usher in the period during which the new Temple will be restored.

The beautifully designed engraving announces the “Jubilee Year for the Freedom of Jerusalem and the Temple Mount”, by means of the sounds of the “Jubilee Shofars” that emanate from the Temple itself. The shofar blasts intermingle with the radiance of the Menorah (the Candlebrum), bringing light to all of mankind.

By Donating 50 Dollars to the Holy Temple - Mikdash Educational Center you are eligible for  A Medallion.

Your donation will help spread the Light of Jerusalem and the Spirit of the Holy Temple throughout the world.