Me’il (Smock)

Me'il (Smock)

The Me’il is one of the eight items of the  Bigdei Kehuna (priestly clothing)  that the Kohen Gadol (High Priest) wears during his service. It is woven from wool dyed in the color of techelet (violet-blue). Each strand of wool is made on twelve strings twisted together. The me’il has a round collar in order to prevent the garment from tearing. The bottom of the me’il is lined with seventy-two woolen pomegranates and seventy two golden bells.

There are many different opinions regarding the design of the me’il, however the opinion of the Rambam, who posits that the me’il is a fabric that extends to the ankles with a hole for the neck but open on both sides (similar to tzitzit [fringes]), is the accepted opinion.


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