Mizbe’ach HaKetoret (Incense Alter)

MIzbe'ach HaKetoret (Incense Alter)

The Mizbe’ach HaKetoret is one of the keilim (vessels) found in the Kodesh (Holy). Standing at two amot (handbreadths) tall, the Mizbe’ach is made of acacia wood and covered in gold. Its surface is one ama square and has four kranot (cornerstones) at its corners. The Mizbe’ach also has a zer zahav (gold molding) around the top.

The Mizbe’ach is used twice daily to burn the ketoret (incense), a mixture of eleven plants that are ground into a fine powder.  

Aside from being known as the Mizbe’ach haKetoret, this Mizbe’ach is also called the Mizbe’ach HaZahav (Golden Altar) and the Mizbe’ach HaPnimi (Inner Altar).


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