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Mikdash Educational Center Programs

Seeing is Believing 1:50 Scale model of Mikdash:

Option 1- A 45-75 minute interactive program, including PowerPoint presentation and hands-on building of the model.

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Seeing is Believing

Option2- During this 45 minute session you will see and feel scale detailed models of all the major Klei Mikdash (Temple Vessels),

                                Including the Shulchan Lechem HaPanim (Show Bread Table),

The Menorah with Kaftor, Perach, and Geviya (Buttons, flowers, and goblets), and much more.

Wake up and Smell the Mikdash: K’toret Workshop:

A 30-45 minute introduction to the Incense Offering in the Mikdash, including grinding 4 ingredients (using mortar and pestle).

Each participant will create a packet of K’toret, to be used at Havdalah. Option of plastic Mizbach Zahav (Golden Alter) kit to hold the K’Toret).

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Learning about the Mikdash is considered Building the Mikdash(Tanchuma):

Study Session: Including preparation of color source sheets and PowerPoint presentation on varied subjects relative to the Beit HaMikdash,

such as Music in the Mikdash, Chanuka in the Mikdash, Where is the Lost Ark?, The Mishkan,

The history of the Mikdashim, Bigdei Kahuna and many others



Shabbat “Scholar in Residence” program.

A combination of any or all of the above programs,

adapted for Shabbat and your community.

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