Programs In Israel

Programs in Israel

The Third Temple- Educational Projects

The Mikdash-Temple Educational Center caters to 60,000 participants a year in a vast range of educational programs.
The programs are conducted by a professional and highly skilled team employing a variety of illustrative media and experiential techniques that include Temple modeling, multimedia presentations, plays and study sessions.

  • “Children are our future” – 200 programs a year 
  • Youth groups and teenagers at risk – 80 programs a year 
  • Conferences and seminars – 10 per year 
  • Adults and the elderly – 40 lectures a year
  • World Creation Concert – the annual Thanksgiving to Hashem Lord of the World- once a year

Our Target – To increase participants by 20% per year

The Third Temple- Training Priests

The Mikdash Educational Center is training Priests (KOHANIM) to be ready for the Service in
the Third Temple.
The Priest wear their Holy Garments and use real vessels and animals. (But no real sacrifices)

Training Priests
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