On-Going Projects

Our Research Department has been working to plan all the practical aspects of the building the Third Temple in detail.

The Menorah Project

Since the destruction of the Temple, no “one-piece” Menorah has been built. We are now
able to produce a solid gold Menorah, so that we will be able to “light” the Temple again.

Work Plan:

a. A silver cast model

b. Purchase the Solid Gold

c. Modeling The Menorah in a fire furnace

Total budget: $4,000,000

Architectural Plans- Third Temple

Rabbi Menachem Makover, head of the Mikdash Center, studied the prophecy of Ezekiel for over 12 years.

On the basis of his research, and a practical plan for building the The Third Temple can be started.

Work Plan:

a) Planning the main Temple structure and the Sanctuary: the Holy and the Holy of Holies.
b) Planning the Women’s Court and the Temple Mount.

The design will include precise specifications of the required materials, quantities,
and charts for the contractor.

Total budget: $700,000

The First Parochet

The Temple Parochet is the curtain with the Cheruvim in front of the Holy of Holies.
We now have the necessary knowledge to weave the Parochet, in terms of both
materials and color assessment.

In practice, the Third Temple building will need seven such curtains, several of which are much larger than those of the Second Temple period.

Work Plan:

Work Plan Weaving of the first parochet, the one that distinguishes the Holy from the Holy of Holies, which is 6 by 7 cubits (3 by 3.5 meters)

Total budget: $ 850,000

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