The 70 Years Israel Redemption- Temple Coin



THE NEW TEMPLE COIN - To honor and praise ISRAEL's 70th Independence


The second coin in the Cyrus-trump series

In honor and praise of Israel's 70th Independence Day, the “Nascent Sanhedrin”, The “Mikdash Educational Center” and the “Temple in Zion” organizations have minted a new TEMPLE COIN

:The biblical verses on the coin declare the proclamation of Cyrus, king of Persia, and the word of the Lord

"And He – HASHEM, the Lord of the World – charged me to build Him a house in Jerusalem"

This declaration took place exactly 70 years after the people of Israel were sent in to exile. The prophet Jeremiah "promised that with the passing of seventy years, "I will bring you back to your place

The coin expresses our joy and gratitude that the American Embassy will be transferred to Jerusalem in honor of Israel’s Independence Day. It is the fulfillment of the Trump Declaration recognizing the centrality of Jerusalem as the Capital of the State of Israel

The diameter of the coin is 50 m"m 
The standard coin is made from pewter metal and plated with 10 grams of silver. (50$)
We are making  limited series of gold plated coins (100$) 
Designed by AHARON SHEVO

By Donating 50 Dollars to the Holy Temple you will get A Silver Plated Temple Coin.


Your donation will help spread the Light of Jerusalem and the Spirit of the Holy Temple throughout the world

to all the 70 Nations

THE MENORAH, the symbol of the State of Israel, stands in the center of the coin together with the ancient Persian symbol and the seal of the United States of America

The coin calls for the continuation of the ingathering of the Jewish exiles from all corners of the globe to the Land of Israel – "Like doves coming back to their nests" to Jerusalem and the Temple and to peace in the world, through the .establishment of the Third Temple and the realization of the prophetic vision

On the converse side, a dove-the universal symbol for peace- is holding an olive branch in his beak appears flying towards the Temple. The DOVE has two origins in the bible: as Noah’s post-diluvian emissary and also from the Prophet Isaiah.

Who are these that float like a cloud, Like doves to their cotes? Isaiah 60:8


This verse is written in Hebrew , English and Arabic is a description of the Israeli People coming back home to the land of Isael  and to the House of Peace.