We Need Your Support

We Need Your Support


The Mikdash Educational Center’s mission is raising the consciousness of the Holy Temple’s integral part of in Jewish religion, history and culture.      

After being destroyed almost 2000 years ago the significance of the Temple and the knowledge of the service have gradually been diminished.

The Mikdash Educational Center is committed to educate and rekindle the spiritual and national connection between Jewish people and the Temple and to disseminate experiential Temple education, in Israel and throughout the world.  

At our new premises in Jerusalem, we have established a Beit Midrash Mikdash, a Holy Temple Study Center to complement  the traditional programs that are implemented in schools, synagogues, and community centers in Israel and throughout the world.

The experienced educational staff is made up of experts in both formal and informal educational with extensive knowledge of the Temple, Bible and Jewish history. This staff is augmented each year with dedicated woman doing their National Service.

Nevertheless, the financial participation of the target groups does not have the ability to fully fund our activities. We have been approached by many financially struggling schools and communities that are not be able to receive this special opportunity because of lack of funds. With your support  we seek to expand the base to include those who are not able to afford the programs and to develop new innovative methods of teaching.

We appreciate your consideration and dedication to all the many special causes that you support and hope to be able to benefit from your generosity, to enable us to create new innovative programs in order to make Temple education and experience available to a larger population than we are able to reach today.