For over two thousand years we prayed and dreamed to return to the Land of Israel and to Jerusalem the Holy City. The prophets promised us that the day would come – and the people of Israel will return to their land, and the land will flourish.

We believe that the Lord touches the hearts of believers, and it is by His will that you were chosen to stand with and support His people, Israel.


First and foremost, to connect the People of Israel to Jerusalem the Holy City and to the Temple. To renew our destiny and to restore the Divine Presence. Together with us, all the nations of the world will unite around the prayer that;
“My house shall be a house of prayer for all peoples.”
Be a part of spreading the light and glory of The Temple in Jerusalem to the world.When you purchase an authentic Holy Coin, a part of the purchase is donated to our holy mission of rebuilding The Temple.Your donations help us to rekindle the flame of the temple in the hearts of the entire Jewish population through formal and experiential education.

The Temple Coins

The Mikdash-Temple Educational Center caters to 60,000 participants a year in a vast range of educational programs.
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